Our Tune-ups include: truing both wheels, gears and brake adjustments and lubrication, seat post and stem cleaned and greased, bottom bracket and head set adjustments, pedals and hubs checked. All the bolts and nuts will be checked on the handlebar (brake levers, shifters, etc) the chain will be lubricated. The bike will undergo a general cleaning.

Price: $89.95

Warranty: Tune-ups come with a 30 days warranty for anything that goes wrong with any adjustments or with the parts replaced. No additional charge will be applied.


Includes all the services of the Tune-up plus extra labor for packing the hubs, head set and bottom bracket with new grease and ball bearings (grease and ball bearings are included in the price). The bike gets stripped from all the components, all components get cleaned and lubed. Head set, bottom bracket and pedals get overhauled. And all the cables and cable housings are replaced as needed at no extra charge.

Price: $199

Warranty: Overhauls come with a 90 days warranty for anything that goes wrong with any adjustments or with the parts replaced. No additional charge will be applied.

Complete List of Services




Complete check of all parts with lubrication and all the adjustments needed
Tune-up plus hub, B bracket and headset are completely removed * packed with new bearings and grease.
Baby seat installation
All the hardware properly greased and secured to the frame threads.
Brake alignment
Pads adjustment, cables plus caliper lubrication, all bolts tighten, rims cleaned.
Brake pads installation
Pads alignment, rims surface cleaned.
B bracket overhaul
Remove B bracket, remove old grease and install new bearings.
Brake systems/set
Installation of new caliper brake, cable lubed, pads adjustment.
Cable replacement
New cable oiled and proper tension adjustment.
Chain replacement
Measuring the right length, oiled and gears adjustment.
Computer installation
Wire proper setup, sensor securely on wheel(s), electronic calibration.
Crank installation
Special tool-press removes old part, chain cleaned, front gears adjustment.
Derailleur installation
Gear cable oiled, tension adjusted, and "limit" bolts properly adjusted on the derailleur.
Drive train cleaning
Rear derailleur, chain, the rear cogs and crank get cleaned and lubed.
Freewheel installation
Rear wheel removed, special tool-press takes off the old cluster.
Frame custom paint
It takes about 2-4 weeks and has warranty 12 months.
$125.00 - $200.00
Frame alignment
Rear or front fork is usually the case, special tools are used.
$15.00 - $40.00
Gears adjustment
Gear cables tension is properly adjusted and oiled, shifters performance tuned.
Gears shifters/set
Assembly, cables, and derailleur properly adjusted.
Handlebar tape installation
Old tape removed (troubles sometime), certain tension needed for perfect fit.
Handlebar installation
Could take long time to install grips, brake levers, gear shifters, etc.
$10.00 - $20.00
Headset assembly
Special tool needed! Do not try it! Could damage frame or the new headset.
Hub overhaul
Axle removed, all bearings removed and freshly packed with grease and cones adjustment.
Pedals installation
Pedal wrench needed! And a MUST to grease the crank's arm thread.
Toe clips and straps
All hardware greased and securely tighten.
Safety Check
Includes handlebar removal - see handlebar install.
Stem installation
Includes handlebar removal - see handlebar install.
Tire installation
Properly fit on rim, tube valve fitted straight, ideal tire pressure checked.
Tube installation
Tire to be checked carefully for pins, nails, glass, properly fit on rim.
Wheel alignment
Special spoke tool needed, spoke tension adjustment, do not try at home!
$15.00 - $30.00
Wheel axle installation
Same as hub overhaul
Wheel custom built
Rim, spokes, hub is selected and the fun begins! takes about one hour labor.
Wheel replacement
Just another wheel, requires the tire, tube, and cluster to be transferred, special tool needed.
Fender installation
Fender Installation