The Business

Adi's Bike World at this location had the tenth anniversary in 2011. The business had the seeds back in 1995 when Adrian negotiated long hours of professional bassoon player routine with his passion for bikes. It started with putting together bikes for close relative, friends and one by one by word of the mouth the customer base was formed. It became one moment when his garage was no longer enough - the car was on the street for long time then - and the first store was open at.... It stayed there only for one season, the space became again not enough for what Adi had in mind and for how the business progressed. The move into the current space was a thrill on multiple counts. Excitement, plenty of work to do, nights into early morning with a highly educated and reasonable skilled team - a musician and two software engineers - building the counter, raising walls, mounting doors and AC, painting, moving and mounting inventory. Shorty after opening the store, Adi's father retired from his job as driver for the German Ambassador in Romania and joined Adi in his endeavor. You may guess his struggles at the very beginning when neither German nor Romanian or Italian were of too much help dealing with the customers... You should check it now, let aside the accent you will be delighted to discuss with him from bicycles to soccer European tournament. Close friends have their share of fun with the daily routine of the father and son, who does not know the fight between the parent wanting to give advices and he son filtering quite radical the input and doing to his best. You will surely appreciate this unusual team, two generation that get together well through the deep passion for bicycles.


The Team


Adi came into US for his Master of Arts at BU as bassoon player. He started working at a bike shop immediately after starting the school, his first visit at the store was also his first interview, one very unusual because the job offer was made without him asking. The owner who was in the store and by chance was the person Adi was targeting with his questions was fascinated by his knowledge and enthusiasm. You may guess how a foreign born student, even with English learned in school may face a customer exposed job in a bicycle store. However, a high percentage of the customers from that time are either friends or regular visitors even in these days. Adrian finished his master and has a fruitful career in music, worked for five years as principal bassoonist at the Mexico City National Orchestra, teaches on a regular basis and has concerts few times a week with the mandatory daily routine professional musicians needs to respect to keep their skills. Later, two wonderful daughters are competing for his care and dedication and I guess this time is the most intensive of his own life to this moment. And this to both extents, taking toll of his energy and having the most possible sense of fulfillment. The permanent competing priorities shaped Adrian's personality and he had the energy to stay on top. If you see him handling a bike or building the enthusiasm of an hesitating customer you will have a glimpse of the intensity his internal engine is running. Adi is speaking easily English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and, if I am not mistaken, French



You need to get close to see the real man behind the polite but restrained individual contrasting apparently with Adi's exuberance. You don't guess it but if you enter the store you will address him whatever question drove you in. And you will have the answer. In a heavy East European accent with German flavor, funny but with no challenges of understanding what he has to say. As a newcomer, you will miss the chance to see the funny side of him. Most common you will not witness an argument between the too, never serious but that kind who will delight close friends. The son full of enthusiasm, initiative, pushing forward, the father playing the skeptical, just for fun because in fact he is the first admirer of Adi's vitality. Val worked for more than 30 years as driver for the German Embassy in Romania, being highly professional in a very narrow niche. He had the job due to two rare qualities, inspiring trust and his easiness to learn a foreign language. If you ever tried to learn German you will have the right picture. Val may claim from time to time he would rather enjoy a glass of wine in a lazy afternoon, but in reality he doing something all the time. He is the person Adi needs and he would hardly find. Somebody to trust with both, competency and good will.